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Team Wallpaper - Team Empire, Season 2, #1
Team Wallpaper - HellRaisers, Season 2, #2
Team Wallpaper - Team Spirit, Season 2, #1
Team Wallpaper - Evil Geniuses, Season 2, #1
Team Wallpaper - Infamous Gaming, Season 2, #1
Team Wallpaper - B8, Season 2, #1
Team Wallpaper - Thunder Predator, Season 2, #1
Team Wallpaper - BOOM Esports, Season 2, #1
Team Wallpaper - Royal Never Give Up, Season 2, #1
Team Wallpaper - TNC Predator, Season 2, #1
OB.Neon Silver to Gold Tier Support
Team Wallpaper - Galaxy Racer Esports, Season 2, #1
Motivate.Trust Gaming Bronze to Silver Tier Support
Team Wallpaper - Army Geniuses, Season 2, #1
Argent Decimator
Hood of the Bladeform Aesthete
Hatchet of the Ghastly Gourmand
Strength of the Demon Stone
Traxex the Drow Ranger
The Summit 2 Loading Screen
Treasure of the Summit's Peak
Monstrous Reprisal Loading Screen
Blessing of the Crested Dawn Loading Screen
Combine of the Loomkeeper Loading Screen
Spirit of the Emeraldine Rider Loading Screen
Terror of the Year Beast
Rider's Eclipse Loading Screen
Humble Drifter Loading Screen
Brawler of the Glacier Sea Loading Screen
Flight of the Marauding Pyro Loading Screen
Stormwrought Arbiter Loading Screen
Eternal Purgatory Loading Screen
Virtuous Roar Loading Screen
Loading Screen of the Umizar Crawler
Loading Screen of Grim Reformation
Loading Screen of the Hunter's Glory
The Gifts of Zhuzhou Loading Screen
The Ghastly Gourmand Loading Screen
Exodus of the Plague Witch Loading Screen
Creed of the Outlaw Huntsman Loading Screen
Appetites of the Lizard King Loading Screen
Gem Pack: First Blood
Gem Pack: Multi-Hero Cleave Kills
Treasure of Vermilion Renewal
The International 2015 Emoticon Pack II
The International 10 Battle Pass - Consumable Disco Ball
Pudge's Diretide Shimmer Off Hand
Legacy Of Joerlak Loading Screen
Team Wallpaper - Natus Vincere, Season 2, #2
The Boar God's Honor Set
The Exiled Ronin Set
Immemorial Emperor
Forge of Iron Will Loading Screen
Techlabs Moscow Cup 2014 HUD
Engulfing Spike Loading Screen
Sky-High Warship Loading Screen
Cry of the Battlehawk Loading Screen
Treasure of the Hallowed Lands
Loading Screen of the Sacrosanct
Tine of the Behemoth Loading Screen
Clandestine Trail Loading Screen
Bloodroot Guard Loading Screen
Relics of Glorious Inspiration Loading Screen