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Items for Nyx Assassin

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Chosen of the Burning Sand
Crystal Blades of the Burning Sand
Crown of the Burning Sand
Carapace of the Burning Sand
Summer Lineage Sacred Orb Carapace
Summer Lineage Sacred Orb Helm
Summer Lineage Sacred Orb Venom Claws
Summer Lineage Sacred Orb Set
Sapphire Crab
Sapphire Crab Back
Sapphire Crab Head
Sapphire Crab Misc
Sapphire Crab Weapon
Shards of Meteorite
The Age of Gilded Worship
TI9 Cache Nyx Moonlight Hunter
Shimmer of the Anointed
Chitinous Stalker
Sect of Kaktos
Rancorous Nemesis
Cursed Zealot
Deviant Metamorphosis
Writhing Executioner
Sovereign of the Hive
Cicatrix Regalia
Shadow Hunter Set
Chosen Larva Bundle
Sacred Orb Set
Alpha Predator Set
Carapace of the Hidden Hive Set
Shards of Meteorite Weapon
Shards of Meteorite Back
Shards of Meteorite Misc
Shards of Meteorite Head
Bottomfeeder Abdomen
Bottomfeeder Carapace
Bottomfeeder Jaws
Bottomfeeder Piercers
Carapace of Gilded Worship
Armor of Gilded Worship
Crown of Gilded Worship
Strike of Gilded Worship
Crimson Latticean Hierarchy
TI9 Cache Nyx Moonlight Hunter Head
TI9 Cache Nyx Moonlight Hunter Back
TI9 Cache Nyx Moonlight Hunter Misc
TI9 Cache Nyx Moonlight Hunter Weapon
Latticean Hierarchy
Caripace of the Anointed
Daggers of the Anointed
Head of the Anointed
Armor of the Anointed
Armor of the Chitinous Stalker
Pincers of the Chitinous Stalker
Oculi of the Chitinous Stalker
Tail of the Chitinous Stalker
Deviant Carapace
Deviant Casque
Deviant Tibia
Deviant Shell
Carapace of Kaktos
Jaw of Kaktos