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Items for Centaur Warrunner

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Barding of the Warbringer
Centaur's Diretide Shimmer Bundle
Cent War_breakers
Maze roar
Iceplain Ravager
Contested Fate
Tribe of the Untrampled
Eternal Chaos Chosen
Chaos Chosen
Battle Dress of the Proven
Lord of the Vicious Plains
Warlord of Hell
Relentless Warbringer
Unbroken Stallion
Chieftain of the Warstomp Clan
Warrior of the Steppe Set
The Conquering Tyrant Set
Weight of Omexe Set
Centaur's Diretide Shimmer Weapon
Centaur's Diretide Shimmer Tail
Centaur's Diretide Shimmer Shoulder
Centaur's Diretide Shimmer Shield
Centaur's Diretide Shimmer Bracer
Centaur's Diretide Shimmer Head
Centaur's Diretide Shimmer Belt
Cent War_breakers Weapon
Cent War_breakers Tail
Cent War_breakers Shoulder
Cent War_breakers Head
Cent War_breakers Belt
Cent War_breakers Back
Cent War_breakers Arms
Maze roar Shoulder
Maze roar Arms
Maze roar Back
Maze roar Belt
Maze roar Head
Maze roar Tail
Maze roar Weapon
Centaur's Diretide Shimmer Costume
Infernal Menace
Iceplain Ravager Axe
Iceplain Ravager Helm
Iceplain Ravager Belt
Iceplain Ravager Horn
Iceplain Ravager Shield
Iceplain Ravager Armor
Iceplain Ravager Tail
Horns of Contested Fate
Bracer of Contested Fate
The Uncontested
Belt of Contested Fate
Hide of Contested Fate
Taunt: Battle Dressage
Tail of Contested Fate
Harness of Contested Fate
Bracers of the Proven
Barding of the Proven
Belt of the Proven
Armor of the Proven
Axe of the Proven
Tail of the Proven
Mohawk of the Proven