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Force of Kylin
Leshrac Thunder Griffin
Dark Forest Punisher
Ire of the Hinterlands
Lord of Chronoptic Synthesis
Spirethorn Regalia
Oath of the Afflicted Soul
The Thorns of Sundering Set
Twisted Wisdom Set
Force of Kylin Back
Force of Kylin Head
Force of Kylin Bracers
Force of Kylin Tail
Force of Kylin Weapon
Leshrac Thunder Griffin Back
Leshrac Thunder Griffin Head
Leshrac Thunder Griffin Misc
Leshrac Thunder Griffin Tail
Dark Forest Punisher Back
Dark Forest Punisher Misc
Dark Forest Punisher Tail
Dark Forest Punisher Weapon
Dark Forest Punisher Head
Tormented Crown
Ire of the Hinterlands Staff
Ire of the Hinterlands Back
Ire of the Hinterlands Crown
Ire of the Hinterlands Garb
Ire of the Hinterlands Tail
Tormented Staff of Eminent Revival
Tormented Staff
Spines of the Afflicted Soul
Cord of the Afflicted Soul
Growths of the Afflicted Soul
Prongs of the Afflicted Soul
Brush of the Spirethorn
Dressings of the Spirethorn
Horns of the Spirethorn
Pauldrons of the Spirethorn
Taunt: Party On? Party Off!
Tail of Chronoptic Synthesis
Shards of Chronoptic Synthesis
Helm of Chronoptic Synthesis
Cluster of Chronoptic Synthesis
Rod of Chronoptic Synthesis
Chronoptic Crown
Rack of Sundering
Tail of Sundering
Roots of Sundering
Plates of Sundering
Vines of Twisted Wisdom
Armor of Twisted Wisdom
Tail of Twisted Wisdom
Horns of Twisted Wisdom
Crystalline Sickles