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Glaring Greevils
Silkwing Spotters
All-Seeing Eye Dogs
Beaks n' Bubbles
Faithful Followers
Wards of Dolfrat
Sentinels of Ruin
Floe's Tower Ward
The Reading Palms
Curious Snaptrap
Shifty Minnow
The Eyes of the King
Watchful Wyrm
Ward of the Phoenix
Eyes of the Watchroot
Feather Sentinel
Smeevil's Penance
Overseer's Burden
Franglerfish Watcher
Obelisk of Foresight
Schnapp & Spyfly
Stone Seer
Rockshell Scout
Jungleworm Sentinel
Fallen Sight
Spying Toadstool
The Watcher Below
Gazing Idol
The Eye Fountain
Mega Greevil Ward
Class Zero Moogle
Loft Watcher
Savvy Tarsus
Neokin Faierie Ward
Echo the Locator
Arctic Watchtower
Eye of Foresight
Ward of the Eternal Alliance
Stone Bound Watcher
Enchanted Vision
Scientific Curiousity
Dragon Ward
ESL One Jagged Vision Ward
Knight Statue
Deep Observer
Dead Watch
Clockwerk Watcher
Bramble Watch
Wide Angle
Spring Ward
Eye of Thunderkeg
Eye of Lyralei
Eye of Avernus
Frozen Formation
MLG Tethered Sentinel
Watchful Sotdae
Celestial Observatory
Warding Guise