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Honors of the Arbor Sage
Haven of the Hinterheart
Treant Protector's Diretide Shimmer Bundle
The Boreal Sentinel
Frost Auburn Hideaway
Bark of the Ageless Witness
Eldritch Gnarl
Protector of the Ancient Seal
Moonshard Overgrowth
Splintering Awe
Esportal Dota 2 League
Agaric Flourish
Bogborne Shoulder
Bogborne Legs
Bogborne Head
Bogborne Arms
Head of the Arbor Sage
Shoulder of the Arbor Sage
Arms of the Arbor Sage
Legs of the Arbor Sage
Haven of the Hinterheart - Arms
Haven of the Hinterheart - Legs
Haven of the Hinterheart - Shoulder
Haven of the Hinterheart - Head
Treant Protector's Diretide Shimmer Branches
Treant Protector's Diretide Shimmer Feet
Treant Protector's Diretide Shimmer Hands
Treant Protector's Diretide Shimmer Beard
Treant Protector's Diretide Shimmer Costume
Stuntwood Symbiont
Arms of the Boreal Sentinel
Head of the Boreal Sentinel
Legs of the Boreal Sentinel
Canopy of the Boreal Sentinel
Bark of the Frost Auburn Hideaway
Shoulders of the Ageless Witness
Legs of the Ageless Witness
Head of the Ageless Witness
Arms of the Ageless Witness
Beard of the Frost Auburn Hideaway
Roots of the Frost Auburn Hideaway
Sanctuary of the Frost Auburn Hideaway
Stuntwood Sanctuary of the Crimson Witness
Stuntwood Sanctuary
Foliage of Eldritch Gnarl
Roots of Eldritch Gnarl
Snoot of Eldritch Gnarl
Arms of Eldritch Gnarl
Emberbark Shoulders
Emberbark Roots
Emberbark Beard
Emberbark Arms
Carvings of the Splintering Awe
Stock of the Splintering Awe
Mask of the Splintering Awe
Arms of the Splintering Awe
Overgrowth of the Ancient Seal
Bearing of the Ancient Seal
Arms of the Ancient Seal
Stumps of the Ancient Seal
Canopy of the Moonshard