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Heir of Menace
Heir of Menace Shoulder
Heir of Menace Head
Heir of Menace Back
Heir of Menace Arms
Heir of Menace Armor
Spring Lineage Relics of Glorious Inspiration
Dark Artistry Throwback
Northern Blight
Fate Meridian
Covenant of the Depths
Steampowered Magic
Trials of the Blackguard Magus
Dark Artistry
Volatile Majesty
Relics of Glorious Inspiration
Sinister Lightning
Cadenza Magic Master
Light of Hope Bundle
Adornings of the Quas Precor Set
Sempiternal Revelations
Vestige of the Arsenal Magus
Garbs of the Eastern Range Set
Iceforged Set
Mnemonus Arcanus Set
Cabalist of Dark Magic Set
The Magus Magnus Set
The Fires of Exort Set
Spring Lineage Belt of Glorious Inspiration
Spring Lineage Bracers of Glorious Inspiration
Spring Lineage Pauldrons of Glorious Inspiration
Spring Lineage Familiars of Glorious Inspiration
Spring Lineage Hood of Glorious Inspiration
Spring Lineage Cape of Glorious Inspiration
The Good Old Days
Magus Apex Kid
Dark Artistry Throwback Belt
Dark Artistry Throwback Pauldrons
Dark Artistry Throwback Hair
Dark Artistry Throwback Cape
Dark Artistry Throwback Bracers
Acolyte of the Lost Arts
Northern Blight Arms
Northern Blight Cape
Northern Blight Style
Northern Blight Belt
Northern Blight Pauldrons
Northern Blight Spirits
Expired Treasure of Profound Mysteries
TI8 Invoker Prism Forge Spirit
Cape of Fate Meridian
Belt of Fate Meridian
Arms of Fate Meridian
Mantle of Fate Meridian
Crown of Fate Meridian
Steampowered Magic Arms
Steampowered Magic Belt
Covenant of the Depths Belt
Covenant of the Depths Mask
Covenant of the Depths Bracers
Covenant of the Depths Robes
Covenant of the Depths Mantle
Covenant of the Depths Spirit