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Feast of the Damned
Feast of the Damned Belt
Feast of the Damned Arms
Feast of the Damned Head
Feast of the Damned Back
Dipper the Destroyer Bundle
Kin of the Sangstrath Fold
Hunter of the Crystal Drift
Scale of the Razorwyrm
Ferocious Heart
Radiant Protector Set
Cryogenic Embrace Set
Roshan Hunter & G-League Bundle
Ursa's Big Bundle
The Alpine Stalker's Set
The Savage Age Set
The Ursine Ravager Set
The Iron Bear's Set
Dipper the Destroyer
Barding of the Sangstrath Fold
Mantle of the Sangstrath Fold
Mask of the Sangstrath Fold
Claws of the Sangstrath Fold
Taunt: Not Just Your Average Bear
Expired Treasure of the Wild Claw
Claws of the Crystal Drift
Hide of the Crystal Drift
Belt of the Crystal Drift
Mane of the Crystal Drift
Belt of the Razorwyrm
Skull of the Razorwyrm
Backplates of the Razorwyrm
Gauntlets of the Razorwyrm
Claws of the Ferocious Heart
Helm of the Ferocious Heart
Mane of the Ferocious Heart
Bracers of the Ferocious Heart
Girdle of the Ferocious Heart
Swift Claw
Braids of the Radiant Protector
Mark of the Radiant Protector
Wraps of the Radiant Protector
Belt of the Radiant Protector
Belt of the Cryogenic Embrace
Back of the Cryogenic Embrace
Arms of the Cryogenic Embrace
Redwood Claws
Roshan Hunter Head
Roshan Hunter Belt
Roshan Hunter Back
Roshan Hunter Arms
Helmet of the Cryogenic Embrace
Belt of a Savage Age
Bracer of a Savage Age
Armor of a Savage Age
Helm of a Savage Age
Quills of the Ravager
Skull of the Ravager
Sash of the Ravager
Spiked Bracers of the Ravager
Iron Bear's Skullcap
Iron Bear's Cutter
Iron Bear's Plates