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Mega-Kills: Cave Johnson
Announcer: Cave Johnson
Mega-Kills: Diretide
Mega-Kills: Voice of The International
Announcer: Voice of The International
Mega-Kills: Dark Willow
Announcer: Dark Willow
Mega-Kills: Darkest Dungeon (ft. Wayne June)
Announcer: Darkest Dungeon (ft. Wayne June)
Mega-Kills: Gabe Newell
Mega-Kills: Meepo
Announcer: Meepo
Mega-Kills: Kunkka & Tidehunter
Announcer: Kunkka & Tidehunter
Mega-Kills: Deus Ex
Mega-Kills: Fallout 4
Announcer: Fallout 4
Mega-Kills: Monkey King
Announcer: Monkey King
Announcer: Crystal Maiden
Mega-Kills: Crystal Maiden
Mega-Kills: Bristleback
Announcer: Bristleback
Default Announcer
Announcer: Rick and Morty
Mega-Kills: Rick and Morty
Announcer: Deus Ex
Mega-Kills: Techies
Announcer: Techies
Mega-Kills: The Stanley Parable
Announcer: The Stanley Parable
Mega-Kills: Clockwerk
Announcer: Clockwerk
Mega-Kills: Lina
Announcer: Lina
Mega-Kills: Trine
Announcer: Trine
Mega-Kills: GLaDOS
Announcer: GLaDOS
Mega-Kills: Defense Grid
Announcer: Defense Grid
Announcer: Pyrion Flax
Mega-Kills: Pyrion Flax
Announcer: Tuskar
Mega-Kills: Bastion
Announcer: Bastion
Announcer: Death Prophet
Mega-Kills: Axe
Announcer: Axe
Mega-Kills: Storm Spirit
Mega-Kills: The Pirate Cap'n
Announcer: The Pirate Cap'n
Announcer: Storm Spirit
Mega-Kills: Nature's Prophet
Announcer: Nature's Prophet
Mega-Kills: Juggernaut
Announcer: Juggernaut
Announcer: Dr. Kleiner
Default Mega-Kill Announcer