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Items for Shadow Fiend

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Spring Lineage Horns of Eternal Harvest
Spring Lineage Pauldrons of Eternal Harvest
Spring Lineage Grips of Eternal Harvest
Spring Lineage Eternal Harvest
King of Vipers
Twilight Effigy
Souls Tyrant
Soul Corpulence
Murder of Souls
Fathomless Ravager
Eternal Harvest
Diabolical Fiend
King of Vipers Arms
King of Vipers Head
King of Vipers Shoulder
Twilight Effigy Armor
Twilight Effigy Head
Twilight Effigy Arms
Souls Tyrant Shoulder
Souls Tyrant Arms
Souls Tyrant Head
Soul Corpulence - Arms
Soul Corpulence - Head
Soul Corpulence - Shoulder
Murder of Souls Shoulders
Murder of Souls Crown
Murder of Souls Talons
Helm of the Fathomless Ravager
Claws of the Fathomless Ravager
Breastplate of the Fathomless Ravager
Horns of Eternal Harvest
Pauldrons of Eternal Harvest
Grips of Eternal Harvest
Arms of Desolation
Taunt: Fiendish Swag!
Armor of the Diabolical Fiend
Arms of the Diabolical Fiend
Horns of the Diabolical Fiend
Demon Eater