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Darktrench Stalker
Splendor of the Protean Emperor
The Roiling Surge
Stellar Jade
Shard of the Lost Star
Ancient Armor Set
Gift of the Sea Set
Luminary of the Dreadful Abyss Set
Shards of the Falling Comet Set
Birot's Bindings Set
Bindings of Frost Set
Shards of Polymorphia Set
Radiant Crystal Bindings Set
Direstone Bindings Set
Darktrench Stalker - Shoulder
Darktrench Stalker - Misc
Darktrench Stalker - Arms
Darktrench Stalker - Head
Darktrench Stalker - Back
Taunt: Sawed-off Watergun
Expired Treasure of Tidal Power
Spikes of the Protean Emperor
Bracers of the Protean Emperor
Pauldrons of the Protean Emperor
Ornaments of the Protean Emperor
Crown of the Protean Emperor
Stellar Jade Mask
Stellar Jade Crest
Stellar Jade Beads
Stellar Jade Trails
Drift of the Roiling Surge
Swell of the Roiling Surge
Crest of the Roiling Surge
Curl of the Roiling Surge
Spray of the Roiling Surge
Crown of Tears
Bracers of the Lost Star
Spines of the Lost Star
Scowl of the Lost Star
Eye of the Lost Star
Grip of the Lost Star
Blade of Tears
Ancient Armor Shoulder Shields
Ancient Armor Helmet
Ancient Armor Breastplates
Ancient Armor Back
Ancient Armor Arms
Gift of the Sea Dorsal Wings
Gift of the Sea Shoulders
Gift of the Sea Head
Gift of the Sea Fin
Gift of the Sea Arms
Spines of the Dreadful Abyss
Tendrils of the Dreadful Abyss
Thrashers of the Dreadful Abyss
Armlets of the Falling Comet
Crests of the Falling Comet
Crown of the Falling Comet
Birot's Helm of Dignity
Birot's Crests of Dignity
Birot's Bracers of Dignity
Frost Shard Armlets
Frost Shard Pauldrons