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Winter Lineage Primeval Predator
Winter Lineage Blade of the Primeval Predator
Winter Lineage Off-Hand Blade of the Primeval Predator
Winter Lineage Tattoo of the Primeval Predator
Winter Lineage Belt of the Primeval Predator
Winter Lineage Shield of the Primeval Predator
Winter Lineage Gauntlets of the Primeval Predator
Winter Lineage Helm of the Primeval Predator
Bloodseeker's Diretide Shimmer Bundle
Feast of the Unwilling
Fury of the Bloodforge
Sacrificial Serpent
Harvest's Hound
Trail of the Sanguine Spectrum
Primeval Predator
Hunt of the Weeping Beast
Thirst of Eztzhok Bundle
Tribal Terror
Bloodstone Blade Pack
Talon of the Scarlet Raven Pack
Ardor of the Scarlet Raven Set
The Gallows Understudy Blade Pack
The Gallows Understudy Set
Wrath of the Blood Covenant Set
Blood Covenant Blade Pack
Bonehunter Slicers Pack
Bloodletters Pack
Back Hooks Pack
War Blades Pack
Spinal Slicers Pack
Furyblades Pack
The Bonehunter Set
Ritual Garb of the Seeker Set
Taunt: Blades of Gory
Bloodseeker's Diretide Shimmer Offhand Weapon
Bloodseeker's Diretide Shimmer Weapon
Bloodseeker's Diretide Neck
Bloodseeker's Diretide Shimmer Helmet
Bloodseeker's Diretide Shimmer Cape
Bloodseeker's Diretide Shimmer Bracer
Bloodseeker's Diretide Shimmer Belt
Bloodseeker's Diretide Shimmer Costume
Feast of the Unwilling Bracers
Feast of the Unwilling Armor
Feast of the Unwilling Belt
Feast of the Unwilling Hood
Feast of the Unwilling Off-Hand Weapon
Feast of the Unwilling Shoulders
Feast of the Unwilling Weapon
Bracer of the Bloodforge
Cape of the Bloodforge
Belt of the Bloodforge
Mask of the Bloodforge
Shoulder of the Bloodforge
Weapon of the Bloodforge
Off-Hand Weapon of the Bloodforge
Head of Harvest's Hound
Shoulder of Harvest's Hound
Arms of Harvest's Hound
Back of Harvest's Hound
Belt of Harvest's Hound
Blade of Harvest's Hound
Off-Hand of Harvest's Hound