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Items for Outworld Destroyer

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Omens of Empire - Wings
Omens of Empire - Weapon
Omens of Empire - Head
Omens of Empire - Armor
Taunt: The Inner Dark
Omens of Empire
Mandate of the Nameless
Blackgate Sentinel
Herald of Measureless Ruin
Obsidian Guard
Sentinel of the Lucent Gate
Dragon Forged Set
Harbinger of the Inauspicious Abyss Set
Mandate of the Nameless - Crown
Mandate of the Nameless - Wings
Mandate of the Nameless - Staff
Mandate of the Nameless - Armor
Blackgate Sentinel Weapon
Blackgate Sentinel Armor
Blackgate Sentinel Head
Blackgate Sentinel Back
Astral Drift
Grasp of Measureless Ruin
Rod of Measureless Ruin
Expanse of Measureless Ruin
Apex of Measureless Ruin
Shards of Exile
Golden Shards of Exile
Obsidian Guard Helm
Obsidian Guard Armor
Obsidian Guard Wings
Obsidian Guard Scepter
Key of the Lucent Gate
Wings of the Lucent Gate
Head of the Lucent Gate
Armor of the Lucent Gate
Wing of the Astrorock
Celestial Bane
Dragon Forged Wings
Dragon Forged Staff
Dragon Forged Stare
Dragon Forged Armor
Thyrsus of the Inauspicious Abyss
Auspex of the Inauspicious Abyss
Maw of the Devourer
Wings of the Inauspicious Abyss
Heart of the Inauspicious Abyss
Dero's Staff of Sanity