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Items for Phantom Assassin

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Exile Unveiled
Avowance of the Crimson Witness
Bane of the Deathstalkers
Capricious Fate
Assassination of Dark Feather
Valkyrie's Shade
Gothic Whisper
Cruel Reprisal
Visions of the Lifted Veil
Bloodroot Guard
Raiments of the Eventide
Toll of the Fearful Aria
Creeping Shadow
Ravening Wings
Raiments of the Sacrosanct
Manifold Paradox Bundle
Dame de Carreau
Dread of the Gleaming Seal Set
Dark Wraith Set
Nimble Edge Set
Penumbral Vesture Set
Bane of the Deathstalkers - Weapon
Bane of the Deathstalkers - Shoulder
Bane of the Deathstalkers - Belt
Bane of the Deathstalkers - Back
Bane of the Deathstalkers - Head
Capricious Fate Weapon
Capricious Fate Head
Capricious Fate Shoulder
Capricious Fate Back
Capricious Fate Belt
Assassination of Dark Feather Head
Assassination of Dark Feather Belt
Assassination of Dark Feather Weapon
Assassination of Dark Feather Back
Assassination of Dark Feather Shoulder
Avowance of the Veiled Ones
Valkyrie's Shade Shoulder
Valkyrie's Shade Weapon
Valkyrie's Shade Head
Valkyrie's Shade Back
Valkyrie's Shade Belt
Gothic Whisper Cape
Gothic Whisper Belt
Gothic Whisper Mask
Gothic Whisper Armor
Gothic Whisper Blade
Armor of Cruel Reprisal
Helm of Cruel Reprisal
Cape of Cruel Reprisal
Blade of Cruel Reprisal
Armor of the Lifted Veil
Cape of the Lifted Veil
Belt of the Lifted Veil
Blade of the Lifted Veil
Helm of the Lifted Veil
Codicil of the Veiled Ones
Sash of the Fearful Aria
Trail of the Fearful Aria
Armor of the Fearful Aria
Style of the Fearful Aria
Curve of the Fearful Aria