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Items for Dark Willow

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Moonlight Fairy
Dark Willow's Diretide Shimmer Bundle
Dark Willow Iron Thorn
Burglar of Wasp
The Duskbloom Trickster
Twilight Hex
Saccharine Saboteur
Rain Forest Refugee
Allure of the Faeshade Flower
Mischief of the Fae Forager
Curse of the Winter Rose
Dark Willow's Diretide Shimmer Offhand
Dark Willow's Diretide Shimmer Head
Dark Willow's Diretide Shimmer Wings
Dark Willow's Diretide Shimmer Armor
Dark Willow's Diretide Shimmer Chakram
Dark Willow's Diretide Shimmer Costume
Dark Willow Iron Thorn Head
Dark Willow Iron Thorn Armor
Dark Willow Iron Thorn Back
Dark Willow Iron Thorn Off-Hand
Dark Willow Iron Thorn Belt
Moonlight Fairy Off-Hand
Moonlight Fairy Back
Moonlight Fairy Belt
Moonlight Fairy Armor
Moonlight Fairy Head
Burglar of Wasp Head
Burglar of Wasp Armor
Burglar of Wasp Back
Burglar of Wasp Belt
Burglar of Wasp Off-Hand
The Duskbloom Trickster Belt
The Duskbloom Trickster Head
The Duskbloom Trickster Armor
The Duskbloom Trickster Off-Hand
The Duskbloom Trickster Back
Twilight Hex - Belt
Twilight Hex - Offhand
Twilight Hex - Back
Twilight Hex - Head
Twilight Hex - Armor
Garb of the Saccharine Saboteur
Wings of the Saccharine Saboteur
Tricks of the Saccharine Saboteur
Confidant of the Saccharine Saboteur
Lantern of the Saccharine Saboteur
Garb of the Rain Forest Refugee
Belt of the Rain Forest Refugee
Helm of the Rain Forest Refugee
Fae Vessel of the Rain Forest Refugee
Wings of the Rain Forest Refugee
Wings of the Faeshade Flower
Dress of the Faeshade Flower
Belt of the Faeshade Flower
Lantern of the Faeshade Flower
Tiara of the Faeshade Flower
Basket of the Fae Forager
Cap of the Fae Forager
Wings of the Fae Forager
Dress of the Fae Forager
Cage of the Fae Forager