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Toll of the Netherblight
King of the Corrupted Nest
Sunken Snapper
Advance of the Siege-Drake
Vanguard of the Netherswarm
Sign of the Netherfrost
Fervid Monarch
Toll of the Netherblight Back
Toll of the Netherblight Head
Toll of the Netherblight Tail
King of the Corrupted Nest Tail
King of the Corrupted Nest Head
King of the Corrupted Nest Back
Sunken Snapper Wings
Sunken Snapper Tail
Sunken Snapper Head
Barding of the Siege-Drake
Tail of the Siege-Drake
Helm of the Siege-Drake
Plating of the Netherswarm Vanguard
Maw of the Netherswarm Vanguard
Sting of the Netherswarm Vanguard
Malefic Drake's Strike
Tail of the Fervid Monarch
Tail of the Netherfrost
Scales of the Netherfrost
Crown of the Netherfrost
Form of the Fervid Monarch
Crown of the Fervid Monarch
Malefic Drake's Hood of the Crimson Witness
Malefic Drake's Hood