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Silent Slayer
Order of the Silvered Talon
Hush of Eternal Night
Hazhadal Magebreaker
Silent Edict
Tools of the Final Utterance
Heirlooms of Aeol Drias
Whisper of the Tribunal
Silent Champion
Guardian of Silence Set
The Hidden Talent Set
Aspect of Oscilla
Silent Slayer - Equipment
Silent Slayer - Belt
Silent Slayer - Head
Silent Slayer - Off-Hand
Silent Slayer - Shoulder
Silent Slayer - Weapon
Belt of the Silvered Talon
Vestment of the Silvered Talon
Glaive of the Silvered Talon
Helm of the Silvered Talon
Shield of the Silvered Talon
Bracer of the Silvered Talon
Shield of Eternal Night
Belt of Eternal Night
Glaive of Eternal Night
Mask of Eternal Night
Bracer of Eternal Night
Armor of Eternal Night
Glaive of Oscilla
Cape of the Hazhadal Magebreaker
Mask of the Hazhadal Magebreaker
Bracers of the Hazhadal Magebreaker
Belt of the Hazhadal Magebreaker
Shield of the Hazhadal Magebreaker
Edge of the Hazhadal Magebreaker
Robe of the Silent Edict
Armguards of the Silent Edict
Shoulders of the Silent Edict
Hair of the Silent Edict
Shield of the Silent Edict
Glaive of the Silent Edict
Edge of the Final Utterance
Pauldrons of the Final Utterance
Tassets of the Final Utterance
Gauntlets of the Final Utterance
Shield of the Final Utterance
Prow of the Final Utterance
Dam'arakan Muzzle of the Crimson Witness
Dam'arakan Muzzle
Bracers of Aeol Drias
Glaive of Aeol Drias
Tunic of Aeol Drias
Buckler of Aeol Drias
Headgear of Aeol Drias
Moon Whirl
Threads of Aeol Drias
Glaive of the Tribunal
Drapes of the Tribunal
Shield of the Tribunal
Mantle of the Tribunal
Helmet of the Tribunal