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Fire Regent
Hellfire Insurgent
Lina Amber Queen
Glory of the Elderflame
Queen of Misrule
Heart of Fire
The Scarlet Flare
Fireflight Scion
Vehement Plume
Warhawk Vestiments
Regime of the Enthaleen Dragon
Divine Flame
Smoldering Journey
Bewitching Flare
Synergy League Season 1
Promo Dragonfire
Everlasting Heat
Ember Crane Set
Jini the Bright Moon Set
Fashion of the Scorching Princess Set
The Garments of the Charred Bloodline Set
The Battle Caster Set
Light of the Solar Divine
Hellfire Insurgent Neck
Hellfire Insurgent Head
Hellfire Insurgent Belt
Hellfire Insurgent Arms
Lina Amber Queen Arms
Lina Amber Queen Belt
Lina Amber Queen Neck
Lina Amber Queen Head
Fire Regent - Head
Fire Regent - Arms
Fire Regent - Neck
Fire Regent - Belt
Glory of the Elderflame - Head
Glory of the Elderflame - Neck
Glory of the Elderflame - Arms
Glory of the Elderflame - Belt
Queen of Misrule Neck
Queen of Misrule Arms
Queen of Misrule Belt
Queen of Misrule Head
Heart of Fire Arms
Heart of Fire Belt
Heart of Fire Neck
Heart of Fire Head
The Scarlet Flare Head
The Scarlet Flare Neck
The Scarlet Flare Arms
The Scarlet Flare Belt
Wyrmwrought Flare
Wings of the Fireflight Scion
Hair of the Fireflight Scion
Skirt of the Fireflight Scion
Flames of the Fireflight Scion
Skirt of the Divine Flame
Sleeves of the Divine Flame
Cape of the Divine Flame
Headress of the Divine Flame
Necklace of the Vehement Plume
Sleeves of the Vehement Plume