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Song of the Bluebird
Papillion Weald
Compass of the Rising Gale Bundle
Roving Pathfinder
Bindings of the Battleranger
Falconside Armor
Flowersong Tempest
Array of Tranquility
Aria of the Wild Wind Set
Redwood Arms Set
The Northern Wind Set
Wings of the Gilded Falcon Set
Wind Ranger's Sylvan Bundle
Flight of the Sparrowhawk Set
Zaru'Kina Protector's Garb Set
Falconer's Design Set
Song of the Bluebird - Head
Song of the Bluebird - Hood
Song of the Bluebird - Bow
Song of the Bluebird - Shoulder
Song of the Bluebird - Quiver
Song of the Bluebird - Back
Bow of the Papillion Weald
Dress of the Papillion Weald
Hair of the Papillion Weald
Quiver of the Papillion Weald
Wings of the Papillion Weald
Quiver of the Rising Gale
Armor of the Rising Gale
Compass of the Rising Gale
Longbow of the Rising Gale
Cape of the Rising Gale
Sylvan Vedette
Flowersong Guard
Flowersong Thorns
Flowersong Beauty
Flowersong Breeze
Longbow of the Roving Pathfinder
Mantle of the Roving Pathfinder
Quiver of the Roving Pathfinder
Scarf of the Roving Pathfinder
Tricorn of the Roving Pathfinder
Quiver of Falconside Armor
Tiara of Falconside Armor
Cape of Falconside Armor
Pauldrons of Falconside Armor
Featherswing Pauldron
Featherswing Quiver
Featherswing Cape
Deadly Featherswing
Featherswing Hair
Peregrine Flight
Bow of the Battleranger
Pauldrons of the Battleranger
Quiver of the Battleranger
Style of the Battleranger
Cloak of the Battleranger
Taunt: You Prefer Arrows?
Sentry of Tranquility