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Items for Omniknight

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Paragon's Pride Bundle
Fetters of Omniscience of the Crimson Witness
Complete Sacred Light
The Undying Light
Sacred Light
The Grey Gallant
TEvent Dota 2 Season 1
Armor of the Stalwart Soul
Wings of the Paladin Set
Thunderwrath's Calling Set
Armor of Renewed Faith Set
The Hierophant's Protection Set
Armor of the Purist Champion Set
The Radiance of the Crusade Set
Paragon's Pride
Paragon's Poise
Fetters of Omniscience
Godhammer - Arms
Godhammer - Shoulder
Godhammer - Back
Godhammer - Weapon
Godhammer - Head
Complete Gauntlets of Sacred Light
Complete Pauldrons of Sacred Light
Complete Mallet of Sacred Light
Complete Armor of Sacred Light
Complete Crown of Sacred Light
Expired Treasure of the Omniscient
Taunt: Bathed in the Glow
Paragon's Rebuke
Flight of the Undying Light
Armor of the Undying Light
Mane of the Undying Light
Pauldron of the Undying Light
Sigil of the Undying Light
Crown of Sacred Light
Armor of Sacred Light
Mallet of Sacred Light
Pauldrons of Sacred Light
Gauntlets of Sacred Light
Hammer of the Grey Gallant
Pauldrons of the Grey Gallant
Hair of the Grey Gallant
Cape of the Grey Gallant
Bracers of the Grey Gallant
Adoring Wingfall
Helm of Heavenly Light
Guards of Heavenly Light
Cape of Heavenly Light
Pauldron of Heavenly Light
Mace of Heavenly Light
Pauldrons of the Stalwart Soul
Plate of the Stalwart Soul
Coiffure of the Stalwart Soul
Hammer of the Stalwart Soul
Armguards of the Stalwart
Guard of Basilius
Power Dragon Slam
Clergy Warhammer
Hammer of Light Inexorable
Mallet of Magnificence