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Charms of the Firefiend
Night Terrors
Prized Acquisitions
Empiric Incendiary
Apex Explorer
Manta Marauder
Burning Jack Bomber
Primal Firewing
The Rowdy Firebrand
Flight of the Marauding Pyro
Flamestitched Suitings Set
The Rough Rider of Yama Raskav Set
Charms of the Firefiend - Belt
Charms of the Firefiend - Head
Charms of the Firefiend - Mount
Charms of the Firefiend - Shoulder
Night Terrors Belt
Night Terrors Hat
Night Terrors Mount
Night Terrors Cape
Prized Acquisitions Hat
Prized Acquisitions Compass
Prized Acquisitions Shoulder
Prized Acquisitions Mount
Belt of Empiric Incendiary
Cape of Empiric Incendiary
Crow of Empiric Incendiary
Hat of Empiric Incendiary
Ghastly Nocturne
Fiery Tyl
Shoulder of the Apex Explorer
Head of the Apex Explorer
Belt of the Apex Explorer
Glider of the Marauding Pyro
Cocktail of the Marauding Pyro
Mask of the Marauding Pyro
Tank of the Manta Marauder
Manta Marauder's Manta Ray
Mask of the Manta Marauder
Cloak of the Jack Bomber
Burning Jacks
Queen of the Jack Bomber
Cap of the Jack Bomber
Tools of the Primal Firewing
Mask of the Primal Firewing
Spike of the Primal Firewing
Taunt: Hang Loose!
Belt of the Manta Marauder
Hood of the Rowdy Firebrand
Tools of the Rowdy Firebrand
Cape of the Rowdy Firebrand
Firestarter Fuel Cannister
Firestarter Gas Mask
Flame Bat
Firestarter Gas Pump
Burning Iron
Promo Burning Iron