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Fire Kill Streak Effect
Lord of the Forsaken Loading Screen
Treasure of the Forbidden Lotus
Treasure of Rubiline Sheen
Treasure of Earth Essence
Treasure of Ember Essence
The International 2016 - 5 Battle Pass Levels
Onibi Upgrade Style 1
Effigy Block of The International 2016 III
The International 2017 Emoticon Pack I
The International 2017 Emoticon Pack III
Poor Man's Shell Style Upgrade
The International 2017 Glowing Aegis Style Upgrade
The International 10 Battle Pass - Consumable Portal
The International 10 Gauntlet Ticket
Spring Treasure 2021
Memories of Bone Loading Screen
Vestments of the Alary Dive Loading Screen
Shattered Targe Loading Screen
Team Wallpaper - Latam Defenders, Season 2, #4
Team Wallpaper -, Season 2, #1
NoTechies Bronze Tier Support
Team Wallpaper - EXTREMUM, Season 2, #4
Natus Vincere Silver to Gold Tier Support
Team Wallpaper - Vici Gaming, Season 2, #1
Team Wallpaper - PSG.LGD, Season 2, #1
Team Wallpaper - PSG.LGD, Season 2, #2
T1 Bronze to Silver Tier Support
BINOMISTAS Bronze Tier Support
Ardor of the Scarlet Raven Set
Chains of the Black Death
Treasure of Gloried Visions
Broken Scale
Dapper Disguise
Shadows of the Forgotten Plane
Heir of Menace
Volcanic Sanctuary - Spiderling
Team Wallpaper - PSG.LGD, Season 5, #1
The Strings of Suradan
The International 2022 Card Pack
Axe of the Black Death Executioner
Ghastly Treasure of Diretide
Frosty Treasure of Frostivus
Flames of Prosperity
Gifts of Fortune
Aria of the Wild Wind
Dead Reborn Loading Screen
Sands of Luxor
Treasure of Sinister Arcanery
Treasure of the Cosmic Abyss
Treasure of the Bottled Cloud
The Witch Hunter Loading Screen
Lord of the Scouring Dunes Loading Screen
Treasure of the Eternal Alliance
Treasure of the Elemental Trophy
Array of Tranquility Loading Screen
Treasure of the Emerald Dragon
Treasure of Fearless Splendor
Treasure of the Frosted Flame
Treasure of the Nested Cache
Treasure of the Shrouded Myth
Armature of the Belligerent Ram Loading Screen
Veil of Pagus Loading Screen