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Stonefish Renegade
Stonefish Renegade Crown
Stonefish Renegade Pike
Stonefish Renegade Armor
Stonefish Renegade Bracers
Slardar's Diretide Shimmer Bundle
Scale of Elasmyr
Vantage of the Breach Warden
Bestowments of the Centurion Vanguard
Spines of the Sunken Gaoler
The Andestian Sentinel
SLTV Star Series Season 12
Arms of the Deep Vault Guardian Set
The Sea Dragon's Set
Slardar's Diretide Shimmer Fin
Slardar's Diretide Shimmer Bracers
Sladar's Diretide Shimmer Weapon
Slardar's Diretide Shimmer Costume
Golden Fin of the First Spear
Fin of the First Spear
Crimson First of the Flood
First of the Flood
Pike of Elasmyr
Arms of Elasmyr
Scales of Elasmyr
Crown of Elasmyr
Arms of the Breach Warden
Scale of the Breach Warden
Helm of the Breach Warden
Pike of the Breach Warden
Head of the Centurion Vanguard
Plate of the Centurion Vanguard
Bracers of the Centurion Vanguard
Pole of the Centurion Vanguard
Taunt: Flopper
Pike of the Sunken Gaoler
Plates of the Sunken Gaoler
Razor Spines of the Sunken Gaoler
Bracers of the Sunken Gaoler
Grasping Bludgeon
Mantle of the Andestian Sentinel
Headpiece of the Andestian Sentinel
Bracers of the Andestian Sentinel
Voulge of the Andestian Sentinel
Fins of the Sea Djinn
Deep Crystal Halberd
Smasher of the Sea Djinn
Head of the Sea Djinn
Bracers of the Sea Djinn
Golden Grasping Bludgeon
Reaper of the Deep
Trident of the Deep One
Deep Vault Guardian Trident
Deep Vault Guardian Headfin
Deep Vault Guardian Spine
Deep Vault Guardian Armplates
Sea Dragon's Fins
Sea Dragon's Armlet
Sea Dragon's Crown
Sea Dragon's Basher
Ancient Slithereen Basher
Trident of the Sea Stalker