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Moulin Rogue
Foxtail Libertine
Frozen Falchionaire
Blissful Knave
Tales of the Windward Rogue
The Song of Swiftguard
Pitfall Crusader
Moulin Rogue Armor
Moulin Rogue Head
Moulin Rogue Off-Hand
Moulin Rogue Weapon
Foxtail Libertine Weapon
Foxtail Libertine Off-Hand
Foxtail Libertine Head
Foxtail Libertine Armor
Frozen Falchionaire Armor
Frozen Falchionaire Head
Frozen Falchionaire Off-Hand
Frozen Falchionaire Weapon
Blissful Knave Rapier
Blissful Knave Dagger
Blissful Knave Hat
Blissful Knave Coat
Coat of the Windward Rogue
Hat of the Windward Rogue
Parrot of the Windward Rogue
Rapier of the Windward Rogue
The Song of Swiftguard - Helm
The Song of Swiftguard - Finery
The Song of Swiftguard - Shield
The Song of Swiftguard - Blade
Mask of the Confidant
Cap of the Pitfall Crusader
Armor of the Pitfall Crusader
Blade of the Pitfall Crusader
Taunt: Foolish Gallantry
Etienne's Revenge