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Insight of Forlorn Precipice
Psionic Sage
Keeper of Oloxicam's Glass
DarkSeer Astrologer
Insights of the Sapphire Shroud
Opus of the Vizier Exile
Mentor of the Artif Convert
Forgotten Tactician
Imperial Relics
Gombangdae Dosa
The Seers Command Set
Aqwanderer Set
Psionic Sage - Belt
Psionic Sage - Shoulder
Psionic Sage - Arms
Psionic Sage - Back
Psionic Sage - Head
Taunt: More Than Mental Mass
Keeper of Oloxicam's Glass Hourglass
Keeper of Oloxicam's Glass Bracer
Keeper of Oloxicam's Glass Belt
Keeper of Oloxicam's Glass Head
Keeper of Oloxicam's Glass Pauldrons
DarkSeer Astrologer Arms
DarkSeer Astrologer Back
DarkSeer Astrologer Belt
DarkSeer Astrologer Head
DarkSeer Astrologer Shoulder
Golden Bracers of Forlorn Precipice
Belt of the Sapphire Shroud
Crown of the Sapphire Shroud
Mantle of the Sapphire Shroud
Arms of the Sapphire Shroud
Flower of the Sapphire Shroud
Bracers of Forlorn Precipice
Book of the Vizier Exile
Drapes of the Vizier Exile
Belt of the Vizier Exile
Bracelet of the Vizier Exile
Hood of the Vizier Exile
Bracers of the Forgotten Tactician
Collar of the Forgotten Tactician
Belt of the Forgotten Tactician
Harness of the Forgotten Tactician
Hood of the Forgotten Tactician
Scrolls of the Artif Convert
Pauldrons of the Artif Convert
Belt of the Artif Convert
Sleeves of the Artif Convert
Helm of the Artif Convert
Greaves of the Imperial Relics
Pauldrons of the Imperial Relics
Totems of the Imperial Relics
Wraps of the Imperial Relics
Crown of the Imperial Relics
Gombangdae Dosa Back
Gombangdae Dosa Shoulders
Gombangdae Dosa Helmet
Gombangdae Dosa Belt
Gombangdae Dosa Arms
Dark General's Mantle
Collar of Command
Waistguard of Command