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Candy Cat
Pudge's Diretide Shimmer Bundle
Direcourt Jester
Mindless Slaughter
The Abscesserator Bundle
Dapper Disguise
Hunt of the Odobenus One
Feast of Abscession Bundle
Iron Hog
Jolly Reaver
The Ghastly Gourmand
Plague Champion of Nurgle
Champion of Nurgle
Writ of the Royal Butcher
Scavenger of the Basilisk
Arms of the Bogatyr
Doomsday Ripper
Butcher's Wake
Bindings of the Trapper
Surgical Precision
Compendium Bindings of the Trapper
Korean Dota League Season 4
Gladiator's Revenge
Chains of the Black Death
Murder of Crows
Delicacies of Butchery Set
The Butcher's Broilers Pack - Finals Gift
The Butcher's Broilers Pack
Chained Slayers Set
The Ol' Chopper's Set
Tools of the Mad Harvester Set
Candy Cat Weapon
Candy Cat Shoulder
Candy Cat Off-Hand
Candy Cat Head
Candy Cat Belt
Candy Cat Back
Candy Cat Arms
Pudge's Diretide Shimmer Belt
Pudge's Diretide Shimmer Back
Pudge's Diretide Shimmer Left Arm
Pudge's Diretide Shimmer Arms
Pudge's Diretide Shimmer Off Hand
Pudge's Diretide Shimmer Head
Pudge's Diretide Shimmer Meathook
Pudge's Diretide Shimmer Costume
Direcourt Jester Hook
Direcourt Jester Cap
Direcourt Jester Cleaver
Direcourt Jester Arms
Direcourt Jester shoulder
Direcourt Jester Back
Direcourt Jester Belt
Mindless Slaughter - Arms
Mindless Slaughter - Back
Mindless Slaughter - Belt
Mindless Slaughter - Mask
Mindless Slaughter - Off-Hand
Mindless Slaughter - Shoulder
Mindless Slaughter - Hook
Pudge's Bare Arm
The Abscesserator
The Toy Butcher