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June 2021

Dota Plus Update - Summer 2021


May 2021

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March 2021

Dota Plus Update – Spring 2021

The Seasonal Dota Plus Treasure was added to the game. Dota Plus members may acquire new sets for Bloodseeker, Windranger, Clockwerk, Slark, Lich, Broodmother, Sand King, Drow Ranger, Pugna, Juggernaut, and Magnus.


December 2020

Winter Dota Plus Update


October 2020


Seven years later, Halloween came to Dota and brought a lot of new things. It is almost 600 new skins including bundles, immortals, immortal sets, emblems, temporary heroes costumes, and effects. It is important to notice, that chest keys are back. A new treasure is marketable and unlocked by a key.

Update to Dota Plus and Guilds

Added a new treasure for Dota Plus members, purchasable with shards. A similar treasure is planned to be added every 3 months. The update also includes the re-introduction of Ethereal and Prismatic gems, so the cost of gems for arcana items like Terrorblade or Techies will be lower.


September 2020

TI10 Immortal Treasure III

The last of the TI10 treasures contains immortal items for Lich, Gyrocopter, Pugna, Clockwerk, Trent Protector, Oracle, and very rare for Phoenix. There is also a chance to get Battle Pass 50 levels.

Compass of the Rising Gale - Windranger Arcana

The last arcana set of the Battle Pass has arrived.


August 2020

The Toy Butcher – New Pudge Persona

The most popular hero acquired one more unique item - persona, which includes an all-new model, animations, and voice performance. Available for Battle Pass owner from level 255. The update also includes Voice of The International Announcer Pack from level 75.

The International 10 Collector’s Cache Volume II

Second Collector’s Cache features 16 exclusive, item sets. The only way to acquire these items is to buy the treasure, which will be available only for 30 days.


July 2020

TI10 Immortal Treasure II

Immortal Treasure II is featuring all-new items for Magnus, Slardar, Troll Warlord, Sven, Silencer, Witch Doctor, Jakiro, and Ursa.

Aghanim’s Labyrinth Rewards

The Summer Event brings some cosmetics as rewards for the best players. It's new Baby Roshan, Kunkka Shoes, random arcanas and aghanim's effect.

The Disciple's Path Hero Persona for Anti-Mage

Greet Wei, Anti-Mage persona. She hates blink daggers. She spent years on training and meditation, and there's this item that mocks her efforts, and how it's not even a dagger, "it's more of a swirly hatchet". Pesona includes new model, animations, portraits, and 900+ voice lines.

The International 10 Collector’s Cache

This year Collector’s Cache has arrived. It features 18 exclusive, top rated item sets. The only way to acquire these items is to buy the treasure, which will be available only for 30 days.


June 2020

Eminence of Ristul - Queen of Pain Arcana

As part of BattlePass 2020, arcana bundle for Queen of Pain has arrived. It contains 4 items.


May 2020

The International Battle Pass 2020

The International Battle Pass comes with three arcanas, two personas, new immortal treasures, taunts and a lot more.


March 2020

Treasure of the Fallen Cinder

Treasure of the Fallen Cinder contains 11 sets.


January 2020

Treasure of Unbound Majesty

Treasure of the Fallen Cinder came with New Bloom 2020 event and it features new 12 sets.


December 2019

Ogre Magi Arcana & Frostivus Reward Line


November 2019

Treasure of the Timeless Rite


October 2019

Treasure of Twilight Procession