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The Khek-Tai Marauder
Barbarous Blades
Surly Bogstomper
Beast of the Crimson Ring
Violent Precipitate
Charge of the Wrathrunner
Debts of the Nightwatchman
Heavy Barbed Armor Set
Emerald Frenzy Set
The Khek-Tai Marauder Arms
The Khek-Tai Marauder Back
The Khek-Tai Marauder Head
The Khek-Tai Marauder Neck
The Khek-Tai Marauder Weapon
Barbarous Blades Weapon
Barbarous Blades Back
Barbarous Blades Arms
Barbarous Blades Neck
Barbarous Blades Mask
Surly Bogstomper Fishclub
Surly Bogstomper Nets
Surly Bogstomper Bracers
Surly Bogstomper Back
Surly Bogstomper Hat
Beast of the Crimson Ring Weapon
Beast of the Crimson Ring Armor
Beast of the Crimson Ring Helm
Beast of the Crimson Ring Back
Beast of the Crimson Ring Bracers
Flail of the Violent Precipitate
Lantern of the Violent Precipitate
Helm of the Violent Precipitate
Bracers of the Violent Precipitate
Crystals of the Violent Precipitate
Blastforge Exhaler
Taunt: Bristlebeat Breakdown
Shield of the Wrathrunner
Mace of the Wrathrunner
Armlet of the Wrathrunner
Spikes of the Wrathrunner
Helm of the Wrathrunner
Piston Impaler
Blastforge Exhaler of the Crimson Witness
Breaking Emerald
Genuine Rigwarl's Spiny Demeanor
Thorned Mane
Rigwarl's Spiny Demeanor
Lantern of the Nightwatch
Cape of the Nightwatch
Hat of the Nightwatch
Nightwatch Keys to the City
Gauntlets of the Nightwatch
Heavy Barbed Morning Star
Heavy Barbed Collar
Heavy Barbed Head
Heavy Barbed Back
Heavy Barbed Arms
Emerald Frenzy Amulet
Emerald Frenzy Glove
Emerald Frenzy Helmet
Emerald Frenzy Flail
Emerald Frenzy Spikes