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Treasure of the Nested Cache
Treasure of the Shrouded Myth
Armature of the Belligerent Ram Loading Screen
Veil of Pagus Loading Screen
White the Blueheart Courier Loading Screen
Manual of Fearsome Moves
Imbued Golden Trove Carafe 2015
Treasure of the Grimsneer's Stash
Shards of Malice Loading Screen
Sculptor's Pillar 2015
Imbued Lockless Luckvase 2016
Treasure of the Tireless Crafter
Gifted Jester Loading Screen
Effigy Block of The Fall 2016 Battle Pass Level II
Aurora's Pyre Loading Screen
Loading Screen of the Dreadborn Regent
Loading Screen of the Psion Inquisitor
Trust of the Benefactor 2017
The International 2017 Collector's Cache
Loading Screen of Portent Payload
Legends of Darkheart Pursuit Loading Screen
Treasure of the Carmine Cascade
Treasure of the Amaranth
Loading Screen of the Trailblazer
Rarities of the Benefactor 2019
Lineage of the Stormlords - Mask
Sight of the Kha-Ren Faithful Loading Screen
Wrath of the Fallen Loading Screen
Hood of the Winterwood Vesture
Eminence Of Ristul Loading Screen 1
Treasure of the Cursed Wood
The International 2013 Battle Point Booster
Treasure of the Malignant Amanita
Treasure of Radiant Arms
The International 2016 Emoticon Pack I
The International 2016 Emoticon Pack II
Urushin Huntsman Style Unlock
Bindings of the Battleranger Style Unlock
Effigy Block of The International 2016 II
Kit of the First Hunt Style Unlock
Pile of Snowballs
The International 2019 Battle Pass - Consumable Shovel
Beetlebark and Plod - Gem Style Unlock
Force of Kylin Loading Screen
Autumnal Treasure 2020
Argent Decimator Head
Team Wallpaper - Team Liquid, Season 2, #1 Bronze to Silver Tier Support
Team Wallpaper - NoTechies, Season 2, #2
Team Spirit Silver to Gold Tier Support
Team Wallpaper - Quincy Crew, Season 2, #1
Team Wallpaper - Evil Geniuses, Season 2, #2
Team Wallpaper - EXTREMUM, Season 2, #3
Team Wallpaper - The Cut, Season 2, #2
Team Wallpaper - Infinity Esports, Season 2, #2
Bite of the Broken Blade Loading Screen
Lure of the Glimmerguard Loading Screen
496 Gaming Silver to Gold Tier Support
Team Wallpaper - Elephant, Season 2, #1
Team Wallpaper - T1, Season 2, #1
Team Wallpaper - OB.Neon, Season 2, #1
Team Wallpaper - OB.Neon, Season 2, #2
Team Wallpaper - Team SMG, Season 2, #2