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Soul Shredder Bundle
Soul Shredder
Whispers of the Damned
Raven's Flame
Wrath of the Fallen
The Smoldering Tyrant
Litany of the Damned
Dread Ascendance
Eternal Daemon Prince of Khorne
Daemon Prince of Khorne
Incandescent Liturgy
Onyx Fume
Fires of Vashundol
Eternal Fire
Incantations of Hell
Crown of Hells
Impending Transgressions Set
The Apocalyptic Fire Set
The Burden of Eleven Curses Set
Whispers of the Damned Sword
Whispers of the Damned Tail
Whispers of the Damned Pauldrons
Whispers of the Damned Head
Whispers of the Damned Belt
Whispers of the Damned Wings
Whispers of the Damned Bracers
Raven's Flame Weapon
Raven's Flame Tail
Raven's Flame Shoulder
Raven's Flame Head
Raven's Flame Belt
Raven's Flame Back
Raven's Flame Arms
Wrath of the Fallen Arms
Wrath of the Fallen Back
Wrath of the Fallen Belt
Wrath of the Fallen Head
Wrath of the Fallen Shoulder
Wrath of the Fallen Tail
Wrath of the Fallen Weapon
The Smoldering Tyrant Shoulder
The Smoldering Tyrant Weapon
The Smoldering Tyrant Back
The Smoldering Tyrant Head
The Smoldering Tyrant Arms
The Smoldering Tyrant Tail
The Smoldering Tyrant Belt
Taunt: Doom Shreds
Litany of the Damned - Head
Litany of the Damned - Arms
Litany of the Damned - Shoulder
Litany of the Damned - Back
Litany of the Damned - Tail
Litany of the Damned - Belt
Litany of the Damned - Weapon
Dread Ascendance Wings
Dread Ascendance Tail
Dread Ascendance Sword
Dread Ascendance Armor
Dread Ascendance Helm
Dread Ascendance Belt
Dread Ascendance Bracers
Zeal of Omoz Arkosh