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Stagheart Sovereign
Desert Bloom
NP Cute cactus
Signs of the Allfather
Prolific Planter
Vanguard of the Emerald Insurgence
The Dread Prophet
Truebark Adherent
Father of the Forest
Promo Primeval Prophet
Promo Guardian of the Eternal Seasons
Primeval Prophet
Guardian of the Eternal Seasons
Sovereign of the Woodlands
Fungal Lord Set
Bird's Stone Set
Woodland Outcast Set
Master of Beast and Bole Set
Garments of the Peace-Bringer Set
Heartwood Vanguard Set
Scion of the Savage Set
The Regal Forest Lord Set
Stagheart Sovereign - Weapon
Stagheart Sovereign - Shoulder
Stagheart Sovereign - Arms
Stagheart Sovereign - Back
Stagheart Sovereign - Neck
Stagheart Sovereign - Head
Desert Bloom - Arms
Desert Bloom - Back
Desert Bloom - Head
Desert Bloom - Neck
Desert Bloom - Shoulder
Desert Bloom - Weapon
Desert Bloom - Treant
NP Cute cactus Arms
NP Cute cactus Back
NP Cute cactus Head
NP Cute cactus Neck
NP Cute cactus Shoulder
NP Cute cactus Weapon
NP Cute cactus treant
Signs of the Allfather - Arms
Signs of the Allfather - Back
Signs of the Allfather - Head
Signs of the Allfather - Neck
Signs of the Allfather - Shoulder
Signs of the Allfather - Treant
Signs of the Allfather - Weapon
Prolific Planter Back
Prolific Planter Neck
Prolific Planter Weapon
Prolific Planter Treants
Prolific Planter Shoulder
Prolific Planter Head
Prolific Planter Arms
Monarch of the Sapphire Glen
Beard of the Emerald Insurgence
Style of the Emerald Insurgence
Shield of the Emerald Insurgence
Lakad Coconut of the Emerald Insurgence
Armor of the Emerald Insurgence
Belt of the Emerald Insurgence