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Taunt: Dapper Duo
Trenchknight - Back
Trenchknight - Head
Trenchknight - Mount
Trenchknight - Shoulder
Trenchknight - Weapon
Merciless Mists
Echoes of the Everblack
Endless Night
The Brinebred Cavalier
Enveloping Despair
Mark of the Mistral Fiend
Drowned Horseman
Rider of Avarice
Compendium Rider of Avarice
Vespertine Guard
Arsenal of the Demonic Vessel
Darkness Wanderer's Armor Set
Sermon of the Frozen Apostle Set
Anointed Armor of Ruination
Blightfall - Weapon
Blightfall - Shoulder
Blightfall - Mount
Blightfall - Head
Blightfall - Back
Merciless Mists - Weapon
Merciless Mists - Head
Merciless Mists - Shoulder
Merciless Mists - Back
Merciless Mists - Mount
Mount of the Everblack
Cape of the Everblack
Pauldrons of the Everblack
Hood of the Everblack
Scythe of the Everblack
Endless Night Mount
Endless Night Shoulder
Endless Night Cape
Endless Night Head
Endless Night Sword
Pauldrons of the Brinebred Cavalier
Sword of the Brinebred Cavalier
Steed of the Brinebred Cavalier
Crown of the Brinebred Cavalier
Cape of the Brinebred Cavalier
Halberd of Enveloping Despair
Spaulders of Enveloping Despair
Ram of Enveloping Despair
Fractured Sword
Hallgul the War Mount
Blackmist Blade
Drowned Horseman's Axe and Buckler
Drowned Horseman's Pauldrons
Drowned Horseman's Mount
Drowned Horseman's Helm
Drowned Horseman's Cape
Helm of Enveloping Despair
Cape of Enveloping Despair
Call of the Mistral Fiend
Pauldrons of the Mistral Fiend