The 2022 Battle Pass: Part II — Diretide

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Total: 42


Diretide 2022 Candy Loading Screen
Conduit of the Blueheart Bundle
Mega-Kills: Cave Johnson
Announcer: Cave Johnson
Blueheart Familiar
Diretide 2022 Greevil Loading Screen
Cotton Dandy
Taffied Transport
Diretide Shader Effect 2022
Golden Sullen Sanctum
Golden Sullen Strands
Golden Sullen Shrine
Golden Draca Mane
Greevil Grief Roshan
Glaring Greevils
Taunt: Dancing Queen
Bloodfeather Finery
Bloodfeather Boots
Cave Johnson Announcer Pack
Sullen Sanctum
Battle Pass 2022 Diretide Versus Screen
Taunt: Pie of Malice
Bloodfeather Frock
Isle of Dragons - Style Unlock II
Taunt: Rootin Tootin Ridin Titan
Taunt: The Inner Dark
Whitewind Battlemage - Style Unlock II
Stonefish Renegade - Style Unlock II
Tremors of the Tandem Storm
Draconic Divide
Battle Pass 2022 Nemestice Versus Screen
Sullen Strands
Sullen Shrine
Limbs of Lycosidae
Insight of Forlorn Precipice
Draca Mane
Conduit of the Blueheart
Taunt: More Than Mental Mass
Battle Pass 2022 Versus Screen II
Default Roshan


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