Update to Dota Plus and Guilds

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Total: 85


Undefeated General
Frost Brigadier
Shards of Meteorite
Hallowed Flame
Force of Kylin
Vestments of the Alary Dive
The Brass Flyer
Raven's Flame
Frozen Void
Royal Winterbloom
Convalescing Empress
Inerrant Eminence
Autumnal Treasure 2020
Undefeated General Weapon
Undefeated General Head
Undefeated General Armor
Undefeated General Belt
Undefeated General Bracers
Frost Brigadier Helm
Frost Brigadier Tusks
Frost Brigadier Vestments
Frost Brigadier Puncher
Frost Brigadier Axe
Frost Brigadier Pack
Frost Brigadier Loading Screen
Shards of Meteorite Weapon
Shards of Meteorite Back
Shards of Meteorite Misc
Shards of Meteorite Head
Force of Kylin Back
Force of Kylin Head
Force of Kylin Bracers
Force of Kylin Tail
Force of Kylin Weapon
Force of Kylin Loading Screen
Blazing Hatchling
Vestments of the Alary Dive Helm
Vestments of the Alary Dive Armor
Vestments of the Alary Dive Weapon
Vestments of the Alary Dive Boots
Vestments of the Alary Dive Loading Screen
Royal Winterbloom Head
Royal Winterbloom Shoulder
Royal Winterbloom Arms
Royal Winterbloom Back
Royal Winterbloom Weapon
Frozen Void Weapon
Royal Winterbloom LS
Frozen Void Arms
Frozen Void Head
Frozen Void Belt
Frozen Void Shoulder
Frozen Void Loading Screen
Raven's Flame Weapon
Raven's Flame Tail
Raven's Flame Shoulder
Raven's Flame Head
Raven's Flame Belt
Raven's Flame Back
Raven's Flame Arms
Raven's Flame Loading Screen
The Brass Flyer Head
The Brass Flyer Armor
The Brass Flyer Weapon
The Brass Flyer Missile
The Brass Flyer Loading Screen
Hallowed Flame Weapon
Hallowed Flame Bracer
Hallowed Flame Belt
Hallowed Flame Helm
Hallowed Flame Pauldrons
Hallowed Flame Cape
Convalescing Empress Arms
Convalescing Empress Tail
Convalescing Empress Armor
Convalescing Empress Head
Convalescing Empress Bow
Convalescing Empress Loading Screen
Sting of Inerrant Eminence
Legs of Inerrant Eminence
Hands of Inerrant Eminence
Horns of Eminence
Face of Inerrant Eminence
Inerrant Eminence Loading Screen
Added a new treasure for Dota Plus members, purchasable with shards. A similar treasure is planned to be added every 3 months. The update also includes the re-introduction of Ethereal and Prismatic gems, so the cost of gems for arcana items like Terrorblade or Techies will be lower.


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