Dota Plus Update - Summer 2021

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Lure of the Glimmerguard
Vestments of the Thunderfold
Master of the Morning Brew
Wildmane Berserker
Honors of the Arbor Sage
Bite of the Broken Blade
Trenchline Tracker
Memories of Bone
Lure of the Glimmerguard Loading Screen
Lure of the Glimmerguard Offhand Weapon
Lure of the Glimmerguard Tail
Lure of the Glimmerguard Armor
Lure of the Glimmerguard Head
Lure of the Glimmerguard Weapon
Weapon of the Broken Blade
Master of the Morning Brew Loading Screen
Back of the Morning Brew
Arms of the Morning Brew
Jug of the Morning Brew
Weapon of the Morning Brew
Trenchline Tracker Bracer
Belt of the Broken Blade
Bracers of the Broken Blade
Pauldrons of the Broken Blade
Head of the Broken Blade
Wildmane Berserker Loading Screen
Wildmane Berserker Head
Wildmane Berserker Shoulder
Wildmane Berserker Offhand
Wildmane Berserker Arms
Wildmane Berserker Weapon
Honors of the Arbor Sage Loading Screen
Head of the Arbor Sage
Shoulder of the Arbor Sage
Arms of the Arbor Sage
Legs of the Arbor Sage
Bite of the Broken Blade Loading Screen
Cape of the Broken Blade
Vestments of the Thunderfold Pauldrons
Vestments of the Thunderfold Hat
Vestments of the Thunderfold Armor
Vestments of the Thunderfold Loading Screen
Trenchline Tracker Loading Screen
Trenchline Tracker Back
Trenchline Tracker Head
Trenchline Tracker Belt
Trenchline Tracker Offhand
Trenchline Tracker Weapon
Summer Treasure 2021
Memories of Bone Armor
Memories of Bone Loading Screen
Memories of Bone Cape
Memories of Bone Bracers
Memories of Bone Helm
Memories of Bone Pauldron
Memories of Bone Sword
Trod & Cheddar
Wards of Dolfrat
Dolfrat and Roshinante Scholar Edition


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