Dota Plus Update – Spring 2021

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Total: 112


Capricious Fate
Argent Decimator
Papillion Weald
Shattered Targe
Legacy Of Joerlak
Corroding Sands
Tined Shroud
Winterwood Vesture
Lord of the Forsaken
Abyssal Arms
Rampage Knight
Mechanical Departure
Malevolent Mother
Sacrificial Serpent
Blackgate Sentinel
Rampage Knight Loading Screen
Rampage Knight Helm
Rampage Knight Shoulder
Rampage Knight Axe
Rampage Knight Shield
Rampage Knight Mount
Capricious Fate Loading Screen
Capricious Fate Weapon
Capricious Fate Head
Capricious Fate Shoulder
Capricious Fate Back
Capricious Fate Belt
Legacy Of Joerlak Loading Screen
Legacy Of Joerlak Weapon
Legacy Of Joerlak Belt
Legacy Of Joerlak Horn
Legacy Of Joerlak Style
Legacy Of Joerlak Arms
Corroding Sands Loading Screen
Argent Decimator Weapon
Argent Decimator Legs
Argent Decimator Head
Argent Decimator Back
Argent Decimator Arms
Argent Decimator Loading Screen
Weapon of the Shattered Targe
Bow of the Papillion Weald
Dress of the Papillion Weald
Hair of the Papillion Weald
Papillion Weald Loadingscreen
Quiver of the Papillion Weald
Wings of the Papillion Weald
Mango the Newt
Head of the Corroding Sands
Shoulder of the Shattered Targe
Shattered Targe Loading Screen
Hood of the Shattered Targe
Back of the Shattered Targe
Arms of the Shattered Targe
Spring Treasure 2021
Arms of the Corroding Sands
Shoulders of the Corroding Sands
Legs of the Corroding Sands
Stinger of the Corroding Sands
Tined Shroud Loading Screen
Ward of the Tined Shroud
Weapon of the Tined Shroud
Belt of the Tined Shroud
Arms of the Tined Shroud
Back of the Tined Shroud
Shoulder of the Tined Shroud
Head of the Tined Shroud
Winterwood Vesture Loading Screen
Hood of the Winterwood Vesture
Armor of the Winterwood Vesture
Arms of the Winterwood Vesture
Cape of the Winterwood Vesture
Boots of the Winterwood Vesture
Quiver of the Winterwood Vesture
Bow of the Winterwood Vesture
Lord of the Forsaken Loading Screen
Lord of the Forsaken Neck
Lord of the Forsaken Arms
Lord of the Forsaken Belt
Lord of the Forsaken Back
Lord of the Forsaken Head
Abyssal Arms Loading Screen
Weapon of the Abyssal Arms
Shoulder of the Abyssal Arms
Hood of the Abyssal Arms
Back of the Abyssal Arms
Bracers of the Abyssal Arms
Mechanical Departure Cogs
Mechanical Departure Loading Screen
Mechanical Departure Weapon
Mechanical Departure Rocket
Mechanical Departure Head
Mechanical Departure Armor
Malevolent Mother Head
Malevolent Mother Back
Malevolent Mother Legs
Malevolent Mother Armor
Malevolent Mother Loading Screen
Malevolent Mother Malevoling
Blackgate Sentinel Weapon
Blackgate Sentinel Armor
Blackgate Sentinel Head
Blackgate Sentinel Back
Arms of the Sacrificial Serpent
Back of the Sacrificial Serpent
Offhand Weapon of the Sacrificial Serpent
Shoulders of the Sacrificial Serpent
Weapon of the Sacrificial Serpent
Head of the Sacrificial Serpent
Belt of the Sacrificial Serpent
Hero Relic (Turbo Enabled)
The Seasonal Dota Plus Treasure was added to the game. Dota Plus members may acquire new sets for Bloodseeker, Windranger, Clockwerk, Slark, Lich, Broodmother, Sand King, Drow Ranger, Pugna, Juggernaut, and Magnus.


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