Dota Plus Update — Spring 2022

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Total: 44


Currents of Endless Woe
Currents of Endless Woe Loading Screen
Currents of Endless Woe - Back
Spring Treasure 2022
Feasts of the Forlorn
Currents of Endless Woe - Head
Warden's Watch
Demon's Bacchanal
Snowblind Survival
Warden's Watch Loading Screen
Warden's Watch - Off-Hand
Warden's Watch - Weapon
Warden's Watch - Shoulder
Warden's Watch - Belt
Warden's Watch - Armor
Warden's Watch - Arms
Warden's Watch - Head
Demon's Bacchanal - Weapon
Demon's Bacchanal - Arms
Demon's Bacchanal - Back
Demon's Bacchanal - Shoulder
Demon's Bacchanal - Head
Demon's Bacchanal Loading Screen
Feasts of the Forlorn - Ghosts
Feasts of the Forlorn - Legs
Feasts of the Forlorn - Misc
Feasts of the Forlorn - Belt
Feasts of the Forlorn - Armor
Feasts of the Forlorn - Head
Snowblind Survival - Pelt
Snowblind Survival - Head
Snowblind Survival Loading Screen
Snowblind Survival - Belt
Snowblind Survival - Armor
Snowblind Survival - Weapon
Leafy the Seadragon
Godhammer - Arms
Godhammer Loading Screen
Godhammer - Shoulder
Godhammer - Back
Godhammer - Weapon
Godhammer - Head


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