The International 2022

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The Stars of Seraphus - Bracer
The Stars of Seraphus - Belt
The Stars of Seraphus - Shoulder
The Stars of Seraphus - Weapon
The Stars of Seraphus - Wings
The Stars of Seraphus - Shining Helm
Battle Pass 2022 - Level 1000
The Strings of Suradan Bundle
Blastmitt Berserker Bundle
Blastmitt Boreblade
Savager's Serum
Blastmitt Berserker
Battle Pass 2022 (Giftable)
Golden Infernal Cavalcade
Golden Seclusions of the Void
Rarities of the Benefactor Battle Pass 2022
Trust of the Benefactor 2022
Baubles of the Preening King - Shoulder
Disquiet Solitude
Disquiet Solitude Loading Screen
Disquiet Solitude - Belt
Disquiet Solitude - Weapon
Disquiet Solitude - Head
Baubles of the Preening King Loading Screen
Bubble Charges
The Stars of Seraphus
Disquiet Solitude - Shoulder
Disquiet Solitude - Arms
Piercing Grace
Piercing Grace - Head
Piercing Grace - Armor
Piercing Grace - Arms
Piercing Grace - Weapon
Piercing Grace - Tail
Abyssal Kin Legs
Autumnal Treasure 2022
Amethyst Influx
Amethyst Influx - Armor
Amethyst Influx - Weapon
Amethyst Influx Loading Screen
Amethyst Influx - Head
Amethyst Influx - Belt
Amethyst Influx - Arms
Battle Pass 2022 Candy Sack
Omens of Empire - Wings
Omens of Empire - Weapon
Omens of Empire - Head
Omens of Empire - Armor
Golden Monarch - Crown
Golden Monarch - Armor
Golden Monarch - Legs
Golden Monarch - Weapon
Golden Monarch - Off-Hand
Riftstalker Loading Screen
Riftstalker - Weapon
Riftstalker - Head
Riftstalker - Shoulder
Riftstalker - Back
Aktok's Glory
Seclusions of the Void
Stoneclaw Scavengers Dire Towers
Wings of Imperium
Wings of Imperium - Off-Hand
Wings of Imperium - Weapon
Wings of Imperium - Legs
Tangled Tropics
Tangled Tropics - Head
Tangled Tropics - Shoulder
Tangled Tropics - Armor
Wings of Imperium - Armor
Tangled Tropics - Weapon
Riftstalker - Arms
Taunt: In It for the Lute
The International 2022 Card Pack
DPC International 2022 Player Card
DPC International 2022 Player Card Dust
Pouches - Aegis of the Immortal Style Unlock
Pouches - Octarine Core Style Unlock
Pouches - Refresher Orb Style Unlock
Pouches - Linken's Sphere Style Unlock
Pouches - Ultimate Orb Style Unlock
Pouches - Gem of Truesight Style Unlock
Ageless Heirlooms 2022
Balloon Charges
Isle of Dragons Sword
Isle of Dragons Ward
Isle of Dragons Skirt
Isle of Dragons Mask
Isle of Dragons Armor
Isle of Dragons Bracers
Taunt: Joyless Pleasure
Isle of Dragons - Style Unlock I
Taunt: Dapper Duo
Whitewind Battlemage - Style Unlock I
Stonefish Renegade - Style Unlock I
The Battle Pass Collection 2022
Immortal Treasure II 2022
Immortal Treasure I 2022
Isle of Dragons
Stonefish Renegade
Stonefish Renegade Crown
Stonefish Renegade Pike
Stonefish Renegade Armor
Stonefish Renegade Bracers
Volcanic Sanctuary
Battle Pass 2022 Music Pack
Howls of the Northmarch
Howls of the Northmarch - Offhand
Howls of the Northmarch - Mainhand
Howls of the Northmarch - Hair
Howls of the Northmarch - Armor
Howls of the Northmarch - Shoulders
Howls of the Northmarch - Belt
Howls of the Northmarch - Bracers
Battle Pass 2022 - 24 Battle Pass Levels
Battle Pass 2022 - 11 Battle Pass Levels
Battle Pass 2022 - 5 Battle Pass Levels
Battle Pass 2022 - Level 100
Battle Pass 2022 - Level 50
Battle Pass 2022
The Strings of Suradan
Riftstalker - Mount
Dueling Gloves
Conga Line Charges
Golden Monarch
Eager Drocsnozzle
Volcanic Sanctuary - Spiderling
Volcanic Sanctuary - Misc
Volcanic Sanctuary - Legs
Volcanic Sanctuary - Head
Volcanic Sanctuary - Back
Obsidian Atrocity - Belt
Obsidian Atrocity - Arms
Obsidian Atrocity - Back
Obsidian Atrocity - Head
Obsidian Atrocity
Hides of Hostility - Arms
Hides of Hostility - Off-Hand
Battle Pass 2022 Emblem
Battle Pass 2022 Effects
Stoneclaw Scavengers Radiant Towers
Infernal Cavalcade
The Orb of Aktok
Claszian Apostasy
Claszian Apostasy Belt
Claszian Apostasy Bracers
Claszian Apostasy Shoulder
Claszian Apostasy Weapon
Battle Pass 2022 HUD
Hides of Hostility - Shoulder
Hides of Hostility - Head
Hides of Hostility - Weapon
Hides of Hostility
Bonus Week Battle Chest
Battle Pass 2022 Custom Game Loading Screen
Battle Pass 2022 Loading Screen IV
Battle Pass 2022 Loading Screen III
Battle Pass 2022 Loading Screen II
Omens of Empire
Baubles of the Preening King
Baubles of the Preening King - Weapon
Baubles of the Preening King - Crown
Baubles of the Preening King - Armor
Melange of the Firelord
Jewels of Anamnessa
Heinous Exultation
Molten Bore
Fury of the Thunderhawk
Whitewind Battlemage
Melange of the Firelord - Weapon
Melange of the Firelord - Shoulder
Melange of the Firelord - Off-Hand
Melange of the Firelord - Mount
Melange of the Firelord Loading Screen
Melange of the Firelord - Head
Silkwing Spotters
Avatars of Aktok
Taunt: Melon Massacre
Taunt: Blades of Gory
Jewels of Anamnessa - Armor
Jewels of Anamnessa - Arms
Jewels of Anamnessa - Head
Jewels of Anamnessa Loading Screen
Jewels of Anamnessa - Tail
Jewels of Anamnessa - Weapon
Claszian Apostasy Head
Temptool 17
Temptool 16
Temptool 15
Temptool 14
Temptool 13
Pin: The International 2022 Attendee
Heinous Exultation - Armor
Heinous Exultation - Belt
Heinous Exultation - Arms
Heinous Exultation - Head
Heinous Exultation - Weapon
Whitewind Battlemage Staff
Whitewind Battlemage Mantle
Whitewind Battlemage Crown
Whitewind Battlemage Bracers
Whitewind Battlemage Skirt
Molten Bore - Armor
Molten Bore - Legs
Molten Bore - Off-Hand
Molten Bore - Weapon
Everglyph Goggles
Fury of the Thunderhawk - Head
Fury of the Thunderhawk - Belt
Fury of the Thunderhawk - Back
Fury of the Thunderhawk - Arms
Fury of the Thunderhawk Loading Screen
Taunt: Get Up and Trance
Claszian Apostasy Gem
The new update introduces an in-game Battle Pass that lets players earn experience to unlock rewards. Two new arcanas, two personas and bunch of new immortals.


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