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Taunt: Dancing Queen
Taunt: Pie of Malice
Taunt: In It for the Lute
Taunt: Joyless Pleasure
Taunt: Rootin Tootin Ridin Titan
Taunt: Dapper Duo
Taunt: The Inner Dark
Taunt: Melon Massacre
Taunt: Blades of Gory
Taunt: Party Monster
Taunt: Ghostriding
Taunt: Temper Tramplum
Taunt: More Than Mental Mass
Taunt: Pop the Question
Taunt: The King Doesn't Walk, He Rules
Taunt: The Cat Dancer!
Taunt: The Gold Dip
Taunt: Sawed-off Watergun
Taunt: Hot Eats
Taunt: Get Up and Trance
Taunt: High Flying Squirrel
Taunt: Unhidden Talents
Taunt: Call It What You Will
Taunt: Float Where He Wanna
Taunt: Ice Cold Baller
Taunt: Bring It On
Taunt: Totem Roller
Taunt: Harsh Critique
Taunt: Rolling Stone!
Taunt: Fearless Cadence
Taunt: Get the Blood Flowing
Taunt: Creep Creations
Taunt: Advanced Bladework
Taunt: Got That Spark, Warden!
Taunt: You Earned It
Taunt: Doom Shreds
Taunt: Soured Relationship
Taunt: Orderly Chaos
Taunt: Some Light Horseplay
Taunt: Not Just Your Average Bear
Taunt: Dirt Surfer
Taunt: Flopper
Taunt: Barrelmeister
Taunt: Battle Dressage
Taunt: Cat Wrangler
Taunt: Fit to Rule
Taunt: Bathed in the Glow
Taunt: Fight Me!
Taunt: Exterminated
Taunt: Skip to the Good Stuff!
Taunt: Enigmatic Style
Taunt: See Me Now
Taunt: Order Up!
Taunt: Time and Space Jam
Taunt: All Sparkles n' Rainbows
Taunt: Cold Hearted!
Taunt: Cold Breakfast
Taunt: Foolish Gallantry
Taunt: Step Lively
Taunt: Fluid Mechanics
Taunt: Thorns and All
Taunt: Deadly Grace
Taunt: Pleasant Distraction