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Eye of the Fateweaver
Silence of the Starweaver
Riddle of the Hierophant
Whispers of the Sleepless Augur
Clarity of the Crystal Path
Sagas of the Cymurrin Sage
Eye of the Fateweaver Armor
Eye of the Fateweaver Back
Eye of the Fateweaver Hood
Eye of the Fateweaver Orb
Silence of the Starweaver - Armor
Silence of the Starweaver - Head
Silence of the Starweaver - Weapon
Silence of the Starweaver - Back
Back of the Hierophant
Mask of the Hierophant
Dress of the Hierophant
Orb of the Hierophant
Quill of the Sleepless Augur
Visage of the Sleepless Augur
Refinement of the Sleepless Augur
Domain of the Sleepless Augur
Adornments of the Crystal Path
Armor of the Crystal Path
Helm of the Crystal Path
Weapon of the Crystal Path
Taunt: Time and Space Jam
Alluvion Prophecy