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Pauldron of the Wolf Hunter
Clan of the Arctic Owlbear
War-Burrow Ravager
Rage of the Dark Wood
Promo The Wolf Hunter
The Wolf Hunter
The Iron Claw
The Atniw's Fury Set
Tools of the Haruspex Set
Claws of Nuranu
Arms of the Arctic Owlbear Clan
Companion of the Arctic Owlbear Clan
Garb of the Arctic Owlbear Clan
Visage of the Arctic Owlbear Clan
Crest of the Arctic Owlbear Clan
True Form of the Arctic Owlbear Clan
Honor of the Arctic Owlbear Clan
Cauldron of Xahryx of Eminent Revival
Tunic of the War-Burrow Ravager
Arms of the War-Burrow Ravager
Cloak of the War-Burrow Ravager
Mane of the War-Burrow Ravager
Shoulder of the War-Burrow Ravager
Spirit Bear of the War-Burrow Ravager
True Form of the War-Burrow Ravager
Form of the Dark Wood
Cloak of the Dark Wood
Tunic of the Dark Wood
Bracers of the Dark Wood
Pauldron of the Dark Wood
Spirit of the Dark Wood
Aspect of the Dark Wood
Form of the Wolf Hunter
Trophy of the Wolf Hunter
Spirit of Anger
Claw of the Wolf Hunter
Hair of the Wolf Hunter
Beast of The Iron Claw
Robe of the Wolf Hunter
Spirit of the Iron Claw
Golden Scythe of The Iron Claw
Vestments of The Iron Claw
Pauldron of The Iron Claw
Beard of The Iron Claw
Bracers of The Iron Claw
Form of the Atniw
Spirit of the Atniw
Braces of the Atniw
Hook of the Atniw
Cut of the Atniw
Robe of the Atniw
Shoulder of the Atniw
Cauldron of Xahryx
Form of the Onyx Grove
Spirit of Calm
Sacrificial Blade of the Haruspex
Gilded Mark of the Haruspex
Cloak of the Haruspex
Claw of the Haruspex
Shoulders of the Twelfth Day
Cloak of the Dawn
Poor Armor of the Druid
Crescent Sickle of the Druid