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Amethyst Influx
Amethyst Influx - Armor
Amethyst Influx - Weapon
Amethyst Influx - Head
Amethyst Influx - Belt
Amethyst Influx - Arms
Test of the Basilisk Lord
Cruel Assemblage
Menace of the Forlorn Maze
Heinous Exultation
Eye of the Maze Keeper
Magister of the Narrow Fates
Compact of the Guardian Construct
Affront of the Overseer
Empire of the Lightning Lord
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Bindings of the Storm-Stealer Set
The Twisted Arc Set
Cruel Assemblage Weapon
Cruel Assemblage Head
Cruel Assemblage Belt
Cruel Assemblage Arms
Cruel Assemblage Armor
Whip of the Forlorn Maze
Arms of the Forlorn Maze
Armor of the Forlorn Maze
Belt of the Forlorn Maze
Head of the Forlorn Maze
Heinous Exultation - Armor
Heinous Exultation - Belt
Heinous Exultation - Arms
Heinous Exultation - Head
Heinous Exultation - Weapon
Test of the Basilisk Lord - Weapon
Test of the Basilisk Lord - Head
Test of the Basilisk Lord - Belt
Test of the Basilisk Lord - Armor
Test of the Basilisk Lord - Arms
Taunt: Unhidden Talents
Armor of the Maze Keeper
Arms of the Maze Keeper
Helm of the Maze Keeper
Lash of the Maze Keeper
Barding of the Maze Keeper
Armor of the Narrow Fates
Belt of the Narrow Fates
Bracers of the Narrow Fates
Helm of the Narrow Fates
Whip of the Narrow Fates
Spark of the Lightning Lord
Rings of the Lightning Lord
Conduit of the Lightning Lord
Plate of the Lightning Lord
Mask of the Lightning Lord
Whip of the Guardian Construct
Bracers of the Guardian Construct
Skirt of the Guardian Construct
Helm of the Guardian Construct
Chestplate of the Guardian Construct
Whip of the Overseer
Bracers of the Overseer
Belt of the Overseer
Cuirass of the Overseer