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Warden's Watch
Warden's Watch - Off-Hand
Warden's Watch - Weapon
Warden's Watch - Shoulder
Warden's Watch - Belt
Warden's Watch - Armor
Warden's Watch - Arms
Warden's Watch - Head
Lineage Broken Scale
Shadows of the Forgotten Plane
Faceless Death
Pledge of the Dragon's Disciple
Oathbound Defiant
Guilt of the Survivor
Fervent Conscript
Broken Scale
Mage Abolisher
Golden Basher Blades
The Basher Blades
The Armor of Tustakuri
The Witch Hunter
Acolyte of Vengeance
Promo Armor of Tustakuri
Legacy of the Awakened Set
Spoils from the Shifting Sorcerer Bundle
Reprieve of the Clergy Ascetic Pack
The Clergy Ascetic Set
Arcs of Manta Pack
The Nomad Protector Set
Barbed Edges of the Nomad Protector
The Gifts of Yoskreth Set
Etched Crescents of Yoskreth Pack
Glaives of the Mage Slayer Pack
The Mage Slayer's Set
Lineage Offhand Blade of Broken Scale
Lineage Wraps of Broken Scale
Lineage Blade of Broken Scale
Lineage Bracers of Broken Scale
Lineage Belt of Broken Scale
Lineage Helm of Broken Scale
Lineage Armor of Broken Scale
Weapon of the Forgotten Plane
Pauldron of the Forgotten Plane
Off-Hand Weapon of the Forgotten Plane
Mask of the Forgotten Plane
Belt of the Forgotten Plane
Bracer of the Forgotten Plane
Armor of the Forgotten Plane
The Disciple's Path
Taunt: Bring It On
Faceless Death - Belt
Faceless Death - Off-Hand
Faceless Death - Weapon
Faceless Death - Arms
Faceless Death - Shoulder
Faceless Death - Head
Faceless Death - Armor
Trail of the Dragon's Disciple
Arm of the Dragon's Disciple
Belt of the Dragon's Disciple
Mask of the Dragon's Disciple
Off-Hand of the Dragon's Disciple
Pauldron of the Dragon's Disciple