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Dota Showcase is a service to help users manage, share, acquire and track cosmetic items.

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Dark Willow and Jex are stealing items

Welcome to Dota Showcase!

Discover the set of tools to help you manage your inventory - all in one place.

Item Collection

Over time, the number of items in Dota and in inventories increases. Scrolling through your armory to find the items is tedious. Item Collection is a better way to look at your inventory.

  • Special, Equipped, Bundles, Global sections
  • Detail item description
  • Actual Steam Market prices
Dark Willow's base and a pale of the stolen cosmetics
Dark Willow is crossing items out from her wishlist

Item Wishlist

Keep track dota cosmetic items you don't have yet and want to obtain.

  • Add item from any page in wanted quality
  • Auto-discovery of acquired items
  • Share your wishlist with anyone

Market Tracker

Tracker finds the most trending items on the Steam Market. Check out the best deals for your wishlist and inventory items.

  • Detail information about an item price change
  • Automated trends recaps
  • Inventory and Wishlist sections
Dark Willow is choosing what item to buy on the Steam Market

And a lot more...

Inventory Value

Calculate how much your inventory costs according to Steam Market

Item Database

Find the items you're interested in, latest added items and some statistics


Users with the most expensive inventory

Item Updates Archive

Dota 2 client updates, that contain new items

Tournament Tracker

Live information about current major tournament

Famous Player Collections

Inventory of some famous dota 2 players

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