Item Wishlist

The Wishlist provides convenient way to track dota 2 cosmetic items you want to acquire in the future. You can easily add, remove, sort items, share your wishlist. Items can be added in chosen quality. You no need to care about wishlist sync, when you acquire item you wished, we'll auto remove it from your wishlist, on inventory sync.

Currently wishlist item count is limited to 100, but is absolutely free. To use Dota-Showcase wishlist you should be logged in.

How to Add item

Items can be added from any page of website, where they are shown. To add item hover over it and press button.

How to add item

In the dialog window, select quality and press Add.

Added item in wishlist

Below are shown item, that we've added. In the right top corner is actual steam market price. As known, dota cosmetic items exists in several qualities. Dota-Showcase's wishlist consider that. You can specify item's quality you wish.

Saccharine Saboteur
Saccharine Saboteur
Hero: Dark Willow mini
Rarity: mythical
Type: Bundle
Quality: Inscribed

Added on 26.01.2020 ()

To remove item press "remove" button in the bottom right corner. Remember you don't need sync wishlist manually. When you do Inventory Sync, we automatically check your new items and remove them from your wishlist.

Share your Wishlist

Your wishlist page is open and available to anyone. So you can share it anywhere, for example in steam profile.