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Market Tracker - Inventory

Most profitable items for sale from your inventory on the Steam Market

About Market Tracker

Prices on the Steam Market depend on various factors:

  • Hero meta - more popular hero is, more its items cost;
  • New items - often, after new items were added, the price of old ones can drop hardly, especially if they sharing the same hero and slot;
  • Quantity - fewer sell listings - more price, even for non-popular items.

Market Tracker helps find such items, which price changed the most. Signed in users can track their inventory and wishlist items.

How does the Tracker works?

The tracker monitors prices on the Steam Market compares them and searches for items with the largest difference over a period of time. It shows only items where the difference is more than 10 cents.

What does the data in Quantity, Price, Difference columns mean?

In the Quantity column - first number is the past number of items, second - its change. In Price one - the past price of the item is on the top, the price for today is on the bottom. Price difference in dollars and in percent are shown in the Difference columns.

How often does the Tracker data update?

At the moment, prices are being pulled up once per day, approximately at 01:30 UTC time.

Why some items are shown several times?

The price of items on the Steam Market depends on their quality. The Tracker compares each quality separately. At the moment, the Tracker tracks 5 qualities - Standard, Exalted, Genuine, Infused, and Unusual.