Dread Retribution

arcana weapon


Drow Ranger
Cold of Heart
Master of Madness
Includes 2 styles:
  • Cold of Heart
  • Master of Madness

Through the eyes of the mad mask, Traxex glimpsed forgotten memories of her youth. But in addition to her own repressed terrors, the mask revealed much more--horrors glimpsed by different eyes in other times. Memories of brutality stretching into ages uncountable, mystically imprinting a murderous landscape across every corner of her mind. Now, even as she casts the mask aside, she must fight to overcome the most self-destructive impulses unleashed by the evils burned behind her eyes. In this maelstrom of loathing, her only recourse is vengeance... against any worthy victims that cross her path.

Part of - Dread Retribution Bundle

Dread Retribution Bundle contains 7 items:

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    Drow Arcana Gem


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