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Wyrmbrew Connoisseur
Arc of the Sovereign
Wyrmbrew Connoisseur Loading Screen
Wyrmbrew Connoisseur Weapon
Wyrmbrew Connoisseur Shoulder
Wyrmbrew Connoisseur Off-Hand
Wyrmbrew Connoisseur Back
Wyrmbrew Connoisseur Arms
Wyrmbrew Connoisseur Head
Chimes of the Temple
Hellfire Insurgent
Cruel Assemblage
Frozen Falchionaire
Revival of the Ice Witch
Brumal Berserker
Cogwatch Captain
Dimensional Seep
Lord of Northwarden
Faeriesnap Spriteleaf
Chimes of the Temple Armor
Chimes of the Temple Head
Chimes of the Temple Loading Screen
Chimes of the Temple Shoulder
Chimes of the Temple Weapon
Arc of the Sovereign Belt
Arc of the Sovereign Back
Arc of the Sovereign Arms
Arc of the Sovereign Head
Arc of the Sovereign Loading Screen
Hellfire Insurgent Neck
Hellfire Insurgent Head
Hellfire Insurgent Belt
Hellfire Insurgent Arms
Cruel Assemblage Weapon
Cruel Assemblage Loading Screen
Cruel Assemblage Head
Cruel Assemblage Belt
Cruel Assemblage Arms
Cruel Assemblage Armor
Frozen Falchionaire Armor
Frozen Falchionaire Head
Frozen Falchionaire Off-Hand
Frozen Falchionaire Weapon
Treasure of the Wordless Trek
Revival of the Ice Witch Belt
Revival of the Ice Witch Back
Revival of the Ice Witch Arms
Revival of the Ice Witch Neck
Revival of the Ice Witch Head
Revival of the Ice Witch Loading Screen
Brumal Berserker Head
Brumal Berserker Tail
Brumal Berserker Shoulder
Brumal Berserker Arms
Cogwatch Captain Cogs
Cogwatch Captain Armor
Cogwatch Captain Head
Cogwatch Captain Rocket
Cogwatch Captain Weapon
Dimensional Seep Belt
Dimensional Seep Head
Dimensional Seep Misc
Dimensional Seep Shoulder
Dimensional Seep Weapon
Lord of Northwarden Shoulder
Lord of Northwarden Weapon
Lord of Northwarden Back
Lord of Northwarden Arms
Lord of Northwarden Belt
Lord of Northwarden Head
Faeriesnap Spriteleaf Head
Faeriesnap Spriteleaf Tail
Faeriesnap Spriteleaf Back


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